DD Audio Enclosure LE-S06d

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The subwoofers used in the LE enclosures are built with highly durable parts that have been tuned specifically for these enclosures. In our testing, at their rated power, the LE enclosures outperformed similar products that used larger diameter drivers and larger boxes.

The shape and size of the LE-S06 allow you to add some respectable bass to even the smallest spaces, and with the included feet you have the option to use it in down fire applications. To make this little guy even more versatile, it features a bi-amp speaker terminal cup allowing you to easily wire the enclosure to 1 or 4 Ohm depending on your amp’s requirements.

Driver Size (Inches): 6.5
Watts RMS: 250 - 500
Subwoofer Voice Coil Diameter (Inches): 2
Impedance: D2
Dimensions (Inches): 16 x 5 x 11
Dimensions (MM): 410 x 130 x 280
Shipping Weight (Lbs):

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